Dry brushing has for some time been used as a practice to promote flushed skin and good circulation.

There are various ways of approaching this beauty regimen, below we’ve outlined how to incorporate this practice into your beauty routine.

Generally, we would advise that this be done, when you are (self) scheduled for your intensive body care time. Preferably in the morning, before a shower. You will need a minimum of two brushes (face and body), or three if you want to keep the brushing of your feet separate.

You will want a brush with very soft natural bristles, we’ve recommended one at the bottom of this article.

1. Start with the brushing of your feet, in long soft strokes, work your way from the tip of the toes to your heel, up to your ankles, and repeat to 10 strokes. Once both feet are done, you should move the the legs. The idea is that your strokes stimulate your blood to move up towards your heart. So you want to sort of massage your skin, and the membranes beneath the surface.

2. Getting to the upper body, the torso, you want to brush in the direction towards your heart. Our blood circulates to the heart where hemoglobin, a protein in a blood cell picks up oxygen and then distributes the oxygen to the rest of the cells in the body. So, in effect you would be helping circulation of the blood and reducing the stress that your hearts takes to pump the blood around.

3. Lastly, you will want to brush your face and neck and check area with a slightly much softer brush.