Crystal Wands – Single Pointed Healing Crystal (Pack of 6)


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If you are looking for natural crystal towers for your next healing stone practice – look no further. In this 8-piece set, you get a variety of perfectly sized crystals at 4cm – 5cm in length.
Whether you are looking to start a specific meditative practice, build a crystal grid for positive energy, or create a healing ritual – these natural crystal towers are sure to help you enhance your outcome.
Included in this wonderful gift set are various crystal formations including the popular Rose Quartz,  Lapiz Lazuli, Dream Amethyst crystal, and more.
These crystal tower point stones can be used as decor on your altar, in your daily crystal practices, or for the general feng shui of your home.

Rose Quartz

This mineral specimen is one of the most highly sought and common stones in households. The rose quartz tower promotes its energy of love upward and outward readily in its immediate environment.

If you are looking to incorporate a more spiritual practice in your daily spell casting rituals, meditations, or affirmation work; this crystal is essential. Crystal healers recommend the rose quartz crystal for heartbreaks, love spells, and the overall focus of the chakra.

The rose quartz crystal tower is one of the best altar crystals, reminding you of the abundance of love and how you can use the power of love to your advantage.

Tiger’s Eye

Another great piece in the collectible gift set is the Tiger’s Eye tower point crystal. This healing crystal has been used by many cultures as an aid in meditation and healing. It is also known to be a powerful protector of the home and family.

The Tiger’s Eye healing crystal can help with protection from negative energies, and it will enhance the power of any other crystals that you may have in your collection.


This yellow citrine tower crystal is a perfect addition to your collection of crystals. You can use this Citrine Crystal Quartz point for prosperity and positive energy work.

Using citrine crystal towers during your affirmation or meditiation routing can help build your overall confidence and well-being.

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Aventurine Quartz

Aventurine Quartz crystals are known for their clean energy helping users change any stagnant and unhealthy habits.

The aventurine quartz tower is an amazing tool for embarking on new adventures and journeys, as it inspires positive energy and growth.

With its deep green color and glistening exterior, it has become one of the bestselling items on most healing crystal marketplaces. This is the lowest price you will see for this crystal bundle.

Lapis Lazuli

The exquisite look of the Lapis Lazuli Crystal is like no other. Just this healing crystal alone would be a special gift. The Lapis Lazuli Towers crystal in this collection is perfect for emotional healing and the throat chakra.

If you or a loved one is having a hard time communicating or gets stuck in their emotions frequently without the ability to communicate what they desire, this healing crystal gift alone will be the most impactful stone yet.

Dream Amethyst

Another one of the most popular stones – the Dream Amethyst is also included in this healing crystal tower set.

You can use this amethyst crystal tower to enhance your spiritual energy, gain clarity, and induce the powerful energy of the third eye and crown chakra.

Amethyst is typically used to channel the chakra energy of the third eye and as overall amplifier for energy.

Clear Quartz

One of the most basic but beautiful crystals is the Clear Quartz crystal. A stone that is translucent and opaque, glistening in the light – is surely something sweet for the eyes to see.

The clear quartz tower will help clear out all spiritual energies that are stagnant.


Obsidian the dark majestic black crystal is a lovely piece for any avid crystal collector’s collection. Obsidian is used often in a crystal wand point because of its direct powerful energy.

It can sever negative energy patterns from a person or space, it is known for its grounding vibrations and for inducing strong psychic connections.

What is the difference between a crystal point and tower?

Crystal points are typically naturally occurring, and towers are formed by carving a flat bottom on a natural crystal so it can stand.

This crystal healing tower set is perfect for yourself or a friend and loved one as a gift.