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If you are looking to build a health and wellness practice that compliments your spiritual lifestyle, check out the different guides below. Whether you want to build your own holistic medicine cabinet, learn about harnessing crystal energies, or other healing and beauty routines, our health, wellness, and spirituality guides have you covered.

Start Your Own Apothecary at Home

The apothecary has been an integral part of health and wellness practices for centuries, learn about the origins of the apothecary, inspiration for apothecary design, and the lifestyle of an apothecary here.

Several types of plants have been cold pressed over the centuries, such as the very common olive oil, the popular argan oil, to the rare pomegranate oil. A lot of the time they have been used as dry skin remedies but can also treat a wide variety of skin conditions.
Carrier oils come from plants that expel thicker oils that are generally moisturizing to the skin, they have very subtle aromas.

The most basic ingredients of an apothecary can include carrier oils, generally used as a vessel for other medicinal materials, many of these oils also have their own positive health effects.

Carrier Oils Guide

essential oil pipette and white round plastic bowl
Essential oils have strong aromas and are used for aromatherapy and skin.

Essential Oils are the most popular and sought-after product in the health and wellness market, it is likely that more people have essential oils in their medicine cabinets than ever before.

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Medicinal herbs Arnica Flower ideal for a home apothecary, extract a tincture
Medicinal herbs can be used to create potent elixirs of healthy nutrients and concentrated chemical compounds like antioxidants.

Not as common as Essential Oils, Tinctures are also potent concoctions of medicinal materials but easier to make and tailor to your needs. Tinctures are designed in most cases, to be consumed.

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Our Catalogs


The following catalogs have been designed for a visual overview and detailed reading experience so that you can learn more about every product. Enhance your knowledge of natural healing ingredients, by learning about every products’ distinct medicinal qualities. In most of the listings, you will find proper instructions for use, a short historical overview, chemical properties, and more.

Our Current Catalogs include Crystals and Tinctures. Read our Using Crystals guide for more information on the art and craft of working with these natural stones. 

Clays, Butters, Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Plants, and Herbs are coming soon.


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