Aquamarine’s Amazing Healing Properties

Aquamarine Stone – Amazing Healing Properties

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Aquamarine evokes feelings of purity and relaxation that is indicative of a sense of being at sea. The crystal helps to calm, cleanse and soothe the inner self. Aquamarine is connected to the throat chakra, and helps individuals communicate genuinely and cleary.

According to ancient lore, aquamarine was treasured by sailors to give them good luck on the sea as well as disband any feelings of fear. On top of this, aquamarine is considered to be the gemstone for happiness and eternal youth. 

Its name comes from the Latin term “aqua-marinus” which translates to “water of the sea”, this is because of the blue sea-like color that the gem has. This crystal is a part of the Beryl family and is sourced predominantly in Brazil. Today, we’re going to look at what the healing properties and characteristics of this gem are, as well as what its many benefits are. 

Brief History On Aquamarine
Raw Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine Healing Properties & Characteristics

Aquamarine is known to help to provide a balance between your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Its healing powers can help with emotional issues as well as some physical ailments. People often use it for energy healing as well as balancing their chakras.

Some of the crystal therapies associated with aquamarine help cleanse their emotional body, regulate their hormones and encourage open communication. It is recommended that you try to meditate with aquamarine in order to reap these benefits. 

Most aquamarine crystals are light in color and sometimes quite unnoticeable due to their small shape. These gems tend to be a very pale blue; however, sometimes, you can find an aquamarine with a very rich blue color. These richer colors tend to be rarer and more expensive. 

Blue-green aquamarine stone reminiscent of seawater
Blue-green aquamarine stone reminiscent of seawater

Brief History On Aquamarine

Aquamarine has colors ranging from light blue and dark blue to even a bluish-green color. Historically, aquamarine has been associated with the sea and water.

Roman fishermen referred to the crystal as the “water of the sea” and were said to have used the gem as protection from the ocean’s malice.

The apostle St. Thomas was said to have used aquamarine for protection when he set sail by boat, which he often did. On top of this, Romans would also use the crystal to help with bloating and overeating. 

Other civilizations also took advantage of aquamarine’s benefits. These included the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Sumerians. Mummified Egyptians have often been found buried with beads of aquamarine.

In fact, it was even believed that the Second Temple’s High Priest actually wore the crystal and engraved it with Israel’s six tribes’ symbols. In Greece, they would engrave aquamarine with various designs in order to turn them into intaglios. 

It is mostly known in modern society because it is the birthstone for March. It is currently one of the most popular crystals available on the market. It has held up to its fame for thousands of years and continues to be a beloved gemstone. 

Raw aquamarine (blue beryl) crystal
Raw aquamarine (blue beryl) crystal

What Healing Properties Does Aquamarine Have?

A wide variety of healing properties are associated with wearing and meditating with aquamarine. Because of its association with the throat chakra, aquamarine is said to aid with the fear of speaking and often you will find that public speakers will carry the gemstone with them to instill a sense of confidence within them. 

On top of this, aquamarine is said to speed up the process of intellectual reasoning so that one’s ability to respond is much quicker and much more tangible.

People that wear aquamarine may find themselves centered with a renowned sense of discipline, light-heartedness and perseverance. 

Aquamarine is a travel crystal often thought to represent the seas; because of this, it is used to help people remove their fear of water as well as guard them against long-haul travel on or above the water, such as ferries and flights. Some believe it is even a great gem for those learning how to swim. 

Lastly, aquamarine is also said to be a love crystal. When used as such, it encourages your lover to return safely and helps distant lovers who lead two different lives to live together in peace and harmony.

Any effects caused by conflict or arguments are said to be reduced when using this gem. 

Moonstone and Aquamarine Bracelet
Moonstone and Aquamarine Bracelet

Spiritual Benefits

This crystal has many healing benefits, and it is no surprise that one of these benefits affects a person’s spirit. For all wearers of aquamarine, this crystal aids in feelings of empowerment. It also helps its users connect to their celestial guides and support systems.

By wearing this gem, you will be able to understand that truth and communication is successful in maintaining harmony in life. You will be able to express your inner knowledge and feel the benefits of an enhanced intuition.

This crystal may even help you tune deeper into your emotions and give you the means to help balance your mood swings. Using this stone is fantastic for aligning and cleansing your chakras too. The nurturing essence of this stone can help to soothe and calm tempers that may feel heated or frayed.

To help protect yourself from negative energies and vibrations, you should keep aquamarine nearby and on your person. 

aquamarine crystals
Aquamarine mineral collection

Mental Benefits

Few people know the incredible benefits aquamarine has on the mind. The stone can help an individual achieve mental stability. It is also a fabulous mind stone for children to aid in their brain development. These beliefs stem all the way back to the ancient uses of the crystal.

They believed that aquamarine helped them sustain their mental wellness and health. Your consciousness and awareness are brought forward differently than what other gemstones provide. 

Aquamarine helps to keep all feelings of worry dispelled, allowing calm to overcome the mind. You may notice how the decisions you make can be quite hasty and rushed when you’re overthinking and overwhelmed.

When wearing and meditating with aquamarine, this can be prevented. Positive mindsets are encouraged when people need them whilst using this gemstone. By wearing and meditating with aquamarine, you may be encouraging success within the mind. 

Aquamarine Geode Crystals
Aquamarine Geode Crystals

Emotional Benefits

As you may have guessed, aquamarine is a stone that represents the element of water. It is known to be a powerful cleanser of the body. It exudes gentle energy that is known to be able to bring emotions to the surface so that the user can understand why they are holding on to certain emotions.

As well as this, it can help an individual to identify where they may be overreacting or where they may be feeling manipulated. This crystal helps the wearer release emotional patterns to maintain healthy and compassionate relationships. 

Furthermore, aquamarine is known to help balance any feeling of fear or anger. It may be able to help clear any past trauma in order to allow the user to heal. This is a fantastic stone for children who have experienced any troubling times to help them balance their emotions so that they can heal. 

If you’re an individual that is looking to be able to cope with change a little better then aquamarine may be the crystal for you.

It helps to remove and cleanse feelings of resistance as well as keep feelings of fear at bay. With this gemstone, you will be able to release all of the straining and draining emotions that you may be holding on to.

Actionable Step: Use Aquamarine in breathing exercises

Physical Benefits

Aquamarine is known to be a stone of breathing. It can be used to help aid with sinus relief as well as relief from other ailments such as allergies and fevers.

As well as this, it is said to be a cooling crystal. It may help to counteract the effects of a sore throat, regulate your hormones, and encourage growth.

Other physical benefits include its ability to help soothe the symptoms of eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and hives. On top of this, some other skin diseases that are irritated by allergies may also feel more at ease when wearing aquamarine. 

Lastly, if you have trouble with tired eyes, then you can try placing aquamarine onto your eyelids to feel its cooling effects and relieve the heaviness of the eyelids. Try doing this for 20 minutes every night. 

Where To find Aquamarine Geodes 

Naturally, aquamarine forms in pegmatite rocks that are rich in minerals. As aquamarine is part of the Beryl family, this means that they are made up of beryllium aluminum silicate. These gems are formed in granite pegmatite rocks and can also be found in alluvial deposits. 

If you’re looking to purchase aquamarine, you can simply visit any independent crystal store and ask them to point you in the right direction. It is better to head to an independent store as buying crystals online isn’t always very reliable.

Crystal stores get their gems directly imported from the deposits and geodes so that they can promise you an authentic gem. If you want help finding the right type of aquamarine for you, then heading to your local crystal shop will be beneficial as they can offer you guidance and methods for using this gem. 

Aquamarine Chakra Information

Aquamarine Chakra Information

Aquamarine is connected to your throat chakra. It is the best stone for clearing this chakra as it stimulates energies from your heart to your throat, encouraging your deepest truth and knowledge to be communicated effectively. 

Your throat chakra is known to be the voice of your body. There is a pressure valve that allows all other energies from your other chakras to be expelled.

If your throat chakra is blocked or unbalanced, this can negatively impact your other chakras. When all of our chakras are balanced, we will find it easier to communicate emotions, beliefs and ideas. With the throat chakra opened, your personal truth will be easier to access and bring to the surface. 

Using aquamarine can help you achieve emotional balance and be able to speak your mind. Try to practice meditation with aquamarine today.

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