Complete Guide To Aragonite Healing Properties

Complete Guide To Aragonite Healing Properties

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Aragonite, otherwise known as a Tchazar, is a crystal associated with the earth and nature. In this article, we’ll be looking at Aragonite and what type of healing properties it has.

By the end of this article, you will know what Aragonite looks like, where it comes from, how it benefits your mind, body, and spirit, and what chakra it’s associated with.

We will start this article by looking at what characteristics Aragonite has and briefly examining its healing properties.

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Aragonite Healing Properties & Characteristics 

Aragonite appears in variations of orange and yellow colors and appears in clusters. When left on its own, it becomes Calcite. It stabilizes ancient fossils and helps preserve them, which links to Aragonite’s association with the earth and nature.

Despite both of these crystals being polymorphs of calcium carbonate, they have different crystal systems. Calcite is trigonal, while Aragonite is orthorhombic and more unstable than Calcite.

While its shape is more unstable, Aragonite is straightforward and will keep you on the right track and helps keep you more modest and truthful. 

Brief History On Aragonite

Brief History On Aragonite

Aragonite was first discovered in the Aragon River in Spain, where it gets its name. There are both organic and inorganic versions of Aragonite. Organically, Aragonite forms in almost all mollusk shells due to the mineral deposition in these shells being strongly biologically controlled.

Some mollusks even have aragonite shells entirely. These crystals then have a different form from inorganic aragonite. Inorganic Aragonite forms in oceans and caves as inorganic precipitates.

It can be found around hot spring deposits and is formed when water releases calcium as it reaches the air, forming mounds and thick crusts around the edge of the spring. 

Since it was first found, Aragonite has become a popular gemstone due to its colors. You can find Aragonite all over the world, mainly in sedimentary environments. Despite this, you can also find it in oxidized zones of ore deposits alongside minerals such as Malachite and Smithsonite.

Occasionally, it may form as tufa in Czechoslovakia and Turkey. Despite some saying Tufa, Calcite, and Aragonite are the same, they are all separate minerals formed by Calcium Carbonate. Aragonite and Calcite are the most common minerals, with Aragonite being used to recreate reef conditions and as a gemstone.

Natural Aragonite Mineral

What Healing Properties Does Aragonite Have?

Aragonite is popular as a gemstone due to its many healing properties. We briefly mentioned how it could keep you more modest and truthful. However, it can also have a lot of other positive ramifications for your mind, body, spirit, and body.

Its links with the natural world and earth can help keep you grounded and even enable you to get out of your head. These qualities make it helpful when countering stress, anxiety, and other negative thoughts.

Aragonite is essentially an anchor, and with this, you can stay grounded, and while also helping your positive thoughts, it can help keep you more productive at work or home. 

Aragonite will stop your mind from straying, so you can improve your productivity as you can focus more. If you’re trying to improve your concentration or even your identity, you can use Aragonite to help you.

You can get rid of all the influences that affect you externally and use Aragonite to get you to stop dwelling on these negative influences. So if you are going through a rough patch, this gem may be able to work wonders in brightening your situation and help instill discipline in your personal and professional life.

Violet Aragonite Mineral

Spiritual Benefits Of Aragonite

Aragonite can benefit you spiritually and can help connect you to nature. By connecting you to nature, Aragonite connects you with your genuine self. This is why it’s often affiliated with honesty and modesty.

By connecting you with your authentic self, you can help yourself feel enlightened. The natural links between Aragonite and the Earth encourage any compassion towards yourself and others. By invoking these connections between nature and yourself, you can help replenish yourself with the planet’s vitality. 

Due to the connection between your spirit and nature, you can help discover who you really are and what you genuinely wish to do. Once you connect with yourself on a spiritual level, you will find that it is far easier to recover from any stresses in your life.

Upon achieving more compassion from your spirit, you should be able to focus on more positive aspects of your life. By connecting with your genuine self, you will understand what negativity ails you, and you will be able to discover what will truly make you happy.

Connecting with your true self will offer you spiritual replenishment and mental, emotional, and physical replenishment. 

Calcite Aragonite

Mental Benefits Of Aragonite

While spiritually, you will become more honest with yourself, you will feel the anchoring aspect of Aragonite mentally. By becoming more honest with yourself, you will have a surge of self-confidence, as you won’t be plagued by the same doubts that once affected you.

Aragonite will help steady your equilibrium and relieve you of any turbulent feelings that have affected you. Once you find your status quo, it will help your productivity a great deal, and you will become more consistent with the way that you work. 

Mentally, Aragonite can help you a great deal with your professional life. By increasing your productivity, you can work better. Productivity doesn’t only improve your work but can even work for any other projects, such as creative endeavors.

While Aragonite helps your mind settle down, you can focus on the tasks ahead of you, and it can help you to focus on a deadline. Aragonite will then remove any anxiety and works wonders for anyone who suffers mentally and can bring in the sense of consistency that may not always be there.

Aragonite will thus focus your concentration on more productive qualities as opposed to negative thoughts and mind wandering. 

Emotional Benefits Of Aragonite

Aragonite and its grounding qualities can help you stray away from negative thoughts. While mentally, your productivity is enhanced along with your self-confidence, emotionally, you will also improve.

You will dwell further away from negative thoughts, and Aragonite is thus a popular gem that can assist you in times of emotional turbulence. If there are any feelings of self-doubt or issues of identity, Aragonite can help you with its anchoring properties.

It will assist you through emotional crises, so it is great in times of stress. It has been known to help provide comfort in these times, especially if it is kept close to you. 

It not only assists with anxiety and stress but anger as well. Aragonite promotes feelings of joy and compassion, so you will be able to counteract any anger with more positive feelings.

Any feelings of hate and anger can be dissipated with Aragonite’s positive aspects. It serves as an emotional cleanser that will help you remove any unwanted emotions in your heart.

By removing these, you will inevitably become more positive and much more likely to improve in all aspects of your life. So keep Aragonite close to you to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Physical Benefits Of Aragonite

Keeping Aragonite close will improve your emotional well-being and can improve your outlook on life. As Aragonite removes the stressors and anxieties in your life, this will, in turn, relax your body as well. By removing stress, the stress and tense feelings in your muscles and joints will gradually improve.

It will also remove any physical symptoms of anxiety and can even improve your sleep habits. If you were struggling to sleep before due to anxiety, there’s a chance that Aragonite will be able to help your anxiety-induced insomnia. 

If stress is causing you significant issues with stress migraines, then Aragonite should be able to help by removing the root of the stress. These soothing qualities will help you relax and remove any mental exhaustion, so you will feel more refreshed.

Your quality of life will improve with these qualities. So if you do struggle with symptoms of anxiety, then Aragonite should be able to help soothe these feelings and help you lessen your stress, and become more comfortable in both body and spirit.

While your spirit becomes more relaxed and soothed, your body will emulate these feelings, and you will no longer feel the same physical sensations of stress that you felt previously.

Where To Find Aragonite Geodes

Where To Find Aragonite Geodes

Aragonite can be found all over the world, but it’s not so easy to find fine crystals of it. You can usually find them as hot spring deposits that form around the spring. You can find gems of Aragonite in Germany and Austria.

However, they can also be located in a variety of other places, including Spain, where they were first discovered. You can also locate them in Czechoslovakia, where we previously mentioned that Tufa could also be found. There are also Aragonites located in Sicily, Greece, and Japan.

They aren’t only found around hot springs but in stalactites in caves. Previously, we mentioned that Aragonite forms in the shells of Mollusks.

Due to being a polymorph of calcium carbonate, they will only appear in high-pressure metamorphic rocks, especially once they were formed in subduction zones. If you look for them in the US, you can find them in caves at Bisbee, Arizona and large crystals form near Lake Arthur, New Mexico.

You can also find them near Santa Rosa, also in New Mexico. You may also find them if you look in the Passaic mine in Sterling Hill, New Jersey. Generally, Aragonite crystals are easy to find as they are often collected for home use. 

Aragonite Chakra Information

Due to the associations with nature and the earth, Aragonite is associated with Root Chakra. Root Chakra is vital to your sense of safety and security, and by balancing this chakra, you feel more comfortable.

Any imbalances in your Root Chakra can often be associated with anxiety disorders, so by using Aragonite, you can calm your head and restore balance to the Root Chakra in your body.

By bringing balance to your chakra, your body will inevitably feel more comfortable, and you will be able to rest easier. So, if you do feel any imbalances, you can try Aragonite to assist you.

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