Boobs – Photos, Sizes, Shapes, and Types of Breasts

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Breasts, often called boobs, are secondary sexual characteristics that are composed of mammary tissue and fatty tissue. There are several different types of breasts in all shapes and sizes.

Boobs, Breasts, Tits – However you refer to them, they are a feature of the body that plays an essential role in the evolution of human beings. The breast can produce rich milk with immunity-boosting properties, especially for infants.

The following are generic breast types, and you should remember that everyone has features that make them uniquely who they are. Maintaining this thought, always be sure to encourage body positivity amongst all, and most importantly, amongst yourself.

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Having a different breast shape and size is natural.

What are Boobs?

Boobs are the only fat on the body that is considered beautiful no matter the shape or size; there will always be someone out there who can appreciate them. Breasts are primarily composed of two parts: The Milk Glands and Fatty Tissue. Both men and women have these tissues, but females produce milk during a period of lactation after child labor.

Boobs are a part of the reproductive organs in the female. These tissues are responsible for the production of milk through the various channels of ducts and glands. They also contain nerves and connective tissue, blood vessels, and lymphatic channels that carry nutrients from the rest of the body into the nipple area. Boobs come in different shapes and sizes depending upon their location within your chest cavity.

Some breasts are denser than others, which means they contain more milk-producing tissues. Less dense breasts have more fatty tissue. Denser breasts tend to show up darker on a mammography screen, making it harder to see certain details when viewing an x-ray. Although having a boob that feels full and firm (dense) is normal, it is harder to spot lumps and other abnormalities. It is recommended that women get breast cancer screenings once a year after age 45.  

Types of Breasts  

Breast tissue can be found in both men and women, but it serves a major purpose for women in the reproductive cycle. Breats can take different forms, shapes, and sizes. The breast shapes discussed below are the more common type of shapes and sizes, but these can also vary on a case-by-case basis.

boobs - apple shaped natural breast shape type size small boobs big boobs huge boobs

The Round Boobs

This type of breast is round in appearance with a smooth circular appearance. They can also be referred to as “full-cup breasts” or “apple-shaped boobs” because they have the curvature of the apple fruit. These boobs tend to have more volume than others due to their rounded nature. Round boobs are larger on top and come around full circle by the areola and nipple.

This type of breast is very common among young girls because their bodies haven’t yet developed fully. Women who are preparing to lactate due to pregnancy tend to develop rounder-shaped boobs after giving birth. These kinds of breasts don’t require special attention since it is natural in shape.

The round breast shape is the target shape for women who undergo breast enhancement.  

boobs - pear bell shaped natural breast shape type size small boobs big boobs huge boobs

The Pear Boobs

Similar to the round breast, pear-shaped breasts are slightly fuller towards the nipple but start to thin out towards the chest wall. Also known as bell-shaped boobs, these breasts are more common in women with bigger breast sizes. Unlike the round breast, though, these boobs don’t have much fullness.

To enhance the look of the pear-shaped breast, use full-coverage bras. Using a full-coverage bra can provide the support needed to hold up the breast adequately. You want to also use bras with larger straps to have more surface area so that the weight is evenly distributed on the shoulders, making it comfier to carry the weight on your shoulders.

boobs relaxed natural breast shape type size small big huge

The Relaxed Boobs

The relaxed-shaped breasts are a bit more common than the previous two shapes. Most of the mass of the breast hangs towards the front nipple end. For heavier breasts, the relaxed form can appear like a “U” shape.

These kinds of breasts are usually associated with the largest breast sizes. For women with larger breasts, the relaxed appearance will typically be more common. To enhance the look of your relaxed-shaped breast use balconette bras, as this style will push the breast upward without folding into the skin.

boobs east west boob natural breast shape type size small big huge

The East-West Boobs

East-west breasts tend to gravitate towards opposing sides with the nipple facing away from the center of the body. The top of the breast will have a gentle slope and is likely to be set wide apart. Women with smaller breast sizes often find themselves with this particular breast shape. 

boobs side set boob shaped natural breast shape type size small big huge

The Side Set Boobs

The side set boobs are similar to the east-west breast except that the nipple faces forwards. In addition, the breast tends to be fuller and have a round contour. Cleavage is not immediately noticeable with side-set boobs, so getting a supported bra is recommended for that look.  

boobs athletic boob natural breast shape type size small big huge

The Athletes Boobs

The Athletic breast tends to be fuller on top with less volume in the bottom half (towards the nipple). This is because the muscle mass is well defined, and the breast tissue is small. This type of breast tends to look best when worn on low-cut tops. 

boobs asymmetrical natural breast shape type size small big huge

The Asymmetrical Boob

Asymmetrical breasts are those where one breast looks different from another. Usually, the left breast has a higher profile while the right breast is lower. It may seem odd at first glance, but asymmetric breasts actually make sense if you think about how your body works. If you are right-handed, your right boob may be slightly larger.

You can enhance your look by using a bra with removable pads, which will help you adjust the look of your breast. You can remove a pad on the larger side and/or even add it to the smaller side for a more even look.

Types of Breast Shapes

Boob Sizes

Here is a quick reference to Cup Sizes:

Cup Size is determined by the inches off your chest

Band measurement is the circumference of your torso beneath the breast line.

  • A Cups – 1″ off your chest
  • B Cups – 2″ off your chest
  • C Cups – 3″ off your chest
  • D Cups – 4″ off your chest
  • DD Cups – 5″ off your chest
  • DDD (F) Cups – 6″ off your chest
  • G Cups – 7″ off your chest

It doesn’t matter what the average breast size is; boobs come in all different shapes and sizes. For a lot of women, the lack of “perkiness” can be a cause for concern as they could tend to sag if they are too heavy. Moreover, despite having healthy and normal breasts, some people may feel uncomfortable with their shape.

Wearing certain bras and sports garments can help accentuate the shape of your breast and provide support and comfort. There are various styles of undergarments to choose from, so it’s important to actively look around to ensure you find the right fit.

It has also become popular to not wear any undergarments at all, a new form of freedom of expression and comfort. However, bras were invented to make sure you’re comfortable while still looking good!

How To Make Your Breast Look Great?

Wear Supportive Bras

If you want to wear a supportive bra, choose one with underwire cups. Underwires provide support by keeping the breasts upright and preventing sagging. They also help keep the breasts lifted higher off the torso. This helps give your busts an appearance of being perked up.

Sports bras are also great alternatives to supportive wire bras. They are generally tight and full-coverage and will provide a firm grasp over you breast.

Choose Bra Straps That Fit Properly

When choosing straps, ensure that it fits properly around your shoulders. You should never see gaps between the strap and shoulder or back.

Choosing a Strapless bra

These bras do not use any kind of wire or other supports underneath them. Instead, they rely solely on the elasticity of the fabric itself.

Push-Up Bras

Padded bras provide an extra lift beneath the breast to push your breast up, giving the appearance of a fuller breast.

Going Braless

Not wearing a bra at all. Sometimes the ladies just need a little freedom. Try it out sometime.

Opting for a Boob Job

Breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery procedures can help women feel good about their body image. Having beautiful boobs is always a plus.

It doesn’t matter if you have small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, or huge boobs; the affinity for all boobs exists, and they deserve tender love and care. We only recommend that if you are going to show them off, make sure to do it in a yellow bikini! 

Frequency Asked Breast Questions

How to get bigger boobs?

During the growth phase in women (up until 20 years of age) most breast growth is related to the secretion of the estrogen hormone. The fatty tissue in the breast will enlarge as a result of the increased estrogen.

Things like weight gain can affect the size and weight of breast, some women that gain weight will gain it in the chest and butt area. Gaining healthy weight by keeping muscles firm will help create the appearance of larger breast.

The most effective way to get bigger boobs is to opt in the a cosmetic surgery procedure that will augment the size of your breast overall.

When do boobs stop growing?

Boobs will stop growing at around 17-18 years of age, but can continue up until the age of 20. The breast will fill in with fatty tissue and mammory glands. The nipples and areola will also start to become more pronounced, becoming larger and even protruding out.

Why do my boobs hurt?

Boobs may hurt when there are fluctuations in the bodies hormone levels. Pain onset can start upto a week before mentration, during a period, and even after the period is over. The pain may feel dull, moderate, and in rare cases very painful.

A women’s breast may hurt after becoming pregnant as a result of hormones as well. After preganancy, breast will also become anlarge and hurt due to the production of milk in the mammory glands.

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