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With new food trends popping up all the time, and people becoming more and more aware of their bodily reactions; fad diets are being adopted more than ever. We are all looking for what feels right, to our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

Thanks to the import/exports of food, our food options have become the most versatile than any other time in the history of mankind. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are delivered miles and miles away from their original harvest location. Foreign crops are grown and harvested in New lands, in new territories. It’s truly fascinating what we have accomplished as a species.

We are well aware now of how genetically modified food sources can and do affect our bodies at a molecular level, we have learned so much about phytonutrients, and how superfoods can actually help our bodies recover from illness. It is a lot of information, and everyone should learn about some aspect of their nutritional journey.

What is a Chromatic Diet?

It is not eating one color a day, as implied by an art exhibition. It is to incorporate as many foods of color into your diet as possible. Another term or phrase for this specific

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