Crystals Catalog

The Crystals Catalog

Learn about precious stones, minerals, and gems. 

The existence of crystals dates back to the creation of earth itself, and are ornate examples of how elements can form into wondrous materials. Crystals are made from minerals that have undergone some sort of energetic transformations, such as with high pressure, extreme heat, and planetary forces. Carnegie Science research provides these mineral formations “represent the starting point of the mineral evolution of all planets and moons in our solar system”. In essence, it appears that crystals are pieces of the universe in their most pure and cooled states. The word crystal is derived from the Greek word Krus-tallos that stands for icy-cold, rock-type material. 

Gems have fascinated humans for more than a millennia with historical records showing even the ancient Sumerians (4th millennia BC)  incorporating the use of crystals in their rituals. Crystals can serve many different functions which include and are not limited to providing a healing function, amplifying certain properties, absorbing negative forces, and even averting unwanted frequencies such as with Shungite Tile, or Orgonite.

Incorporating crystals into a dedicated practice can help create a sacred and magical space that can amplify, or negate certain energies. The magic arises when the user instills their intentions through the medium, the crystal itself. It is no wonder that crystals have been as captivating as they are just on their own.

Check out the Crystals Catalog below for more information on the most popular crystals. Also, read about how you can start using crystals right away. 

achroite colorless tourmaline healing crystal
Amazonite Gem Stone Crystal Blue Green in Color represents the Throat and Heart Chakras available for review in our Crystal Catalog

Amber Crystal Gem Stone Crystal Orange in Color represents the Solar Plexus available for review in our Crystal Catalog
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crystal apatite stone gem healing rituals forthefeels 3


crystal apophyllite stone gem healing crystal ideal for crown chakra rituals forthefeels


crystal aqua aura quartz stone gem healing crystal ideal for crown, third eye, throat chakras  rituals forthefeels


crystal aquamarine stone gem ideal for throat and higher heart chakra healing rituals forthefeels 4


crystal aragonite stone gem ideal for sacral and root chakra healing rituals forthefeels


crystal azurite stone gem ideal for Third Eye and Throat chakra healing rituals forthefeels


crystal banded agate stone gem ideal for Third Eye and Throat chakra healing rituals forthefeels 2