ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix

Ear Piercings

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Ear Piercings

How do People get their Ears Pierced?

How Long do Earlobe Piercings Take to Heal?

How much do Ear Piercings Cost?

How to Clean New Ear Piercings?

How to Hide Ear Piercings?

How Long Does it Take for Ear Pierces to Close?

How to Treat Ear Piercing Infections?

Types of Ear Piercings

Earrings are an essential accessory in anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you’re going for a sweet and delicate look or a bold statement, earrings can help complete your style.

They also have the power to make even the simplest outfit stand out with just one tiny detail! There are innumerable styles of earrings to choose from, from elegant gemstone earrings to bold costume jewelry.

Piercing your ears may seem like a small thing at first, but there are many questions to consider before making the decision. Below we will provide you with answers to some common questions.

ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix
ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix
ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix

How do People get their Ears Pierced?

Many people get their ears pierced at a doctor’s office, a tattoo parlor, a specialty jewelry store (i.e., Claire’s), or at a local mall booth (Pagoda). Whichever option and setting feel most comfortable for you will determine the nervousness experienced during the piercing process.

Generally, earrings are bought separately or come as a “starter set” provided by the piercing specialist. Your ear should be marked with the desired location of the piercing and approved by you for the exact setting on your ear lobes. The specialist will clean your earlobes with an alcohol pad and use a sanitized piercing needle to jab a hole through both sides of your earlobe. A post (holding the place of the piercing) is then slid through the hole and pushed up against your ear to ensure that it will not fall out. Earrings are then attached to the posts. They are placed in many different ways, depending on earring style and preferences.

The process of having your ears pierced for the first time can be terrifying. It is normal to experience discomfort, pain, or bleeding after the procedure. Earrings can also irritate your ear lobes for a few days during healing. But once your ears heal, you will begin enjoying your beautiful new accessory!

ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix

How Long do Earlobe Piercings Take to Heal?

Healing times may vary, but the initial healing period for piercings can extend anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on how well you care for your piercings at home. It’s important to follow your ear piercing professional’s aftercare instructions closely-otherwise, it may cause infections or issues with your piercings’ proper placement.

The following are suggestions on caring for Ear Piercings:

  • Leave Ear Piercings alone.
  • Touch Ear Piercings as little as possible during the first few weeks of healing.
  • If you need to clean the area, use a cotton swab and mild soap. 

Ear piercings can close up if you play with them too much, so resist all urges to touch that freshly pierced skin!

Taking care of Ear Piercings will ensure they heal properly and also prevent infection. Always keep your ears dry until they are completely healed. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. The area should be cleaned using anti-microbial soap. Make sure also to keep away from dirt and makeup.

How much do ear piercings cost?

The service is generally affordable; the cost rises when choosing a piece of jewelry greater than the standard options, such as Gold, Platinum, and Silver. Most piercing shops will include surgical stainless steel (SSS) as the basic option, as the likelihood of an allergic reaction is reduced significantly. In some cases, the SSS metals can contain nickel metal, irritating people with sensitive skin. The cost of an SSS piercing is usually included in the price for the piercing service. $40-$70

Piercing your ears with 14ct-18ct Gold is an excellent alternative to basic non-precious metals. Lower carrot gold is less likely to rot a new piercing or cause an infection. The cost of a gold piercing will increase significantly. It will increase depending on the setting of any stones you may have selected. $70-$180

Platinum earrings are also pricey, considered a high-value metal; it is one of the least reactive, smooth, and strong materials used in the jewelry world. For hypoallergenic jewelry, platinum is the best option. $400+

Silver is another common metal used for jewelry. It can be a good alternative for piercings as long as it’s not pure Silver. Pure Silver may be too porous and mutable, thus creating the potential for infections. Regular Silver is a mixture alloy that usually contains copper. The use of copper in jewelry has become a popular healing tool for people who experience specific ailments. Copper does tarnish and discolors the skin temporarily when worn for long periods of time. $30 – $100

ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix

How to Clean New Ear Piercings?

When cleaning your recently pierced ear lobe, use only one drop of saline-based solution or sterile water in each piercing daily. Use soft, antibacterial soap to clean off any excess crusties on your earrings-and never use an alcohol-based cleaner! Don’t wear tight-fitting hats or headgear until the piercings are entirely healed.

Avoid wearing your new Ear Piercings during any high-impact activities that might damage your recently pierced skin. Be mindful when removing your clothing that you do not injure your piercing. Aftercare doesn’t stop with the initial healing period – it should continue for as long as you have Ear Piercing.

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ear piercing infection swabs to disinfect wounds

Ear Piercing Swabs

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How to Hide Ear Piercings?

You may choose to remove your piercing temporarily or perhaps permanently. If you don’t want people to notice right away that your ears are pierced, there are a few tricks you can try! The best way is to suggestively tug on an outer layer of clothing over pierced ears when talking with someone. From a distance, they’ll look like regular earlobes-but from up close; you’ll catch a glimpse of Ear Piercing.

How long does it take Ear Piercings to Close?

It takes piercings approximately 6-8 months to completely close when done with piercing guns. Larger Ear Piercings take longer to heal than smaller ones, and piercings in harder-to-heal places like the cartilage of your ear take even longer.

How to Treat Ear Piercing Infections?

Treating ear-piercing infections is easier than you think! Infections can develop when piercings are improperly cleaned or touched by dirty hands. Aftercare products, like antibiotic ointments, are usually available at any drugstore and can help you eliminate the infection and speed up healing. Amazon also has a good lineup of piercing anti-microbial medications and treatments for infections.

Take caution to immediately treat infected ear piercings, as a bacterial infection could cause permanent damage to your skin. 

Types of Ear Piercing

For some time, a single piercing was the standard practice of body piercing involving the ear area. Then there was the double piercing of the lobes, and eventually, piercing involved almost every part of the ear. Whichever is your preferred style, most people will think they are cool ear piercings. Below we display the type of piercing you can do on the ear cartilage to the ear lobes; when you have various styles, it can sometimes be referred to as an “ear party.”

Tragus Ear Piercing

A tragus ear piercing is made on the outer part of the ear that is closest to your face and hovers over the ear canal. The Tragus Ear Piercing is slightly more painful than other piercings. It penetrates through an area that does not contain cartilage and offers less cushioning for the needle during insertion.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus is the ear cartilage positioned right about the ear lobe. It is very similar to the shape of the tragus and has a little bit more skin over it. The pain for cartilage piercings is significantly greater than those where there is no cartilage present. Individuals who opt for these more adventurous styles will need a high pain threshold. 

Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing is a double piercing on the top side of the ear. A barbell will go straight through and look as though it were one large ear piercing. Because this is also a cartilage piercing, you will need to have a high pain threshold. This ear piercing can be done at any point along the edge of your lobe where you would like two separate piercings to meet. This style is reminiscent of tribal piercing styles. 

Helix Ear Piercing

Helix Piercings is a piercing made along the rim of the ear. This Ear Piercing is one of the most popular among women-and not only because it’s pretty. Helix Ear Piercing provides a great place to wear dangles and retainers. They look really cute when accessorized with piercings from earrings to lip rings!

Daith Piercings

A Daith piercing is unique as it is the innermost piercable location on the ear. It hovers above the ear canal and would probably be the most painful. It is said that this area is a target location for acupuncturists to treat ailments related to migraines and that this piercing location may reduce the instance of migraines. 

Rook Ear Piercing

A rook Ear Piercing is a piercing that goes through the small indentation on top of Ear Piercings just under where a normal helix Ear Piercing would stop. The rook of the ear is the extra ridge of cartilage that appears to be the most unusual area of the inner ear. 

Whether you enjoy the practice of ear piercing and do it frequently; or this is your first time and is getting your initial piercing. We’ve reviewed the best piercing methods, cost of piercing studs, types of piercings, and how to care for your piercings. Making an informed decision has never been easier. 

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