7 Factors Disturbing Your Inner Peace

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Everyone is looking for inner peace while living in a world full of facilities and options for relaxation. If we believe that we are living a better and more modern life than our ancestors then why do we see a lot of tension, depression, and frustration all around?

What is causing such a situation where everyone seems to be anxious or fearful? If you want to know what is disturbing your inner peace and how you can control it, read the 7 main factors discussed below and check what fits your case to control it and to restore peace and happiness in your life.

Don’t Be Greedy – It will Ruin Your Inner Peace

Greed is considered bad because, at times, it blinds your righteous values and tempts you to adopt minified shortcuts. In addition, it can lead to maladaptive behavior patterns such as gambling, hoarding, and even theft. A person following his greedy intentions will never take care of the harm his action will cause others. Greed, therefore, has the ability to cause profound human suffering.

Don’t Stay in a Defensive Position All the Time

Each of you should learn to soothe and contain your own anger and defensiveness. Don’t be in a defensive position all the time. If you try to explain everything people say or think about you, you’ll end up with a confused, stressed, and broken personality. Giving an explanation when actually required is fine, but being a target of criticism for everyone will leave you in a vulnerable state that will make life tough for you.

Aging & Death are Realities – Accept Them Open-Heartedly

No one likes to be old. We all want to be young and strong but it’s not a reality that creates severe problems for many people. Particularly, our young generation has a deep fear of being old and losing their attraction and beauty. They don’t admin it openly but they do almost everything they can do to retain their youth. Trying to be young in a positive way is good but having a strong fear of it and doing anything for it is not a healthy or normal activity.

Likewise, we don’t wholly fear death because we see it all around us. Most of us have witnessed many of our Loved ones die at a young age, but we also fear death at some point as fear of death and dying is quite common. If having such a fear of death is making you a more kind and good person and you are giving more value to your life and your time here, it’s really good but if it’s damaging you inside, you need to rethink it seriously to restore your inner peace.

Don’t Let Others Control Your Life

You can stop controlling people and take away their power over you. Allowing others to control you is the foolish thing ever. If you won’t have control over your life, how you would be able to achieve your goals and how would you excel in a way you want? Your feelings should be in your control. Don’t let others make you feel guilt, shameful or bad when you did nothing wrong. You need to judge it correctly and believe in what is the reality not what other want to make you think about yourself.

Do Your Best But Never Try to Achieve Perfection All the Time

If you are one of those people who always try to achieve perfection in everything, you’ll never be happy. Yes, it is important to strive for perfection, but you have to be realistic as well. Retrain your brain to focus on the positive, and stop nitpicking and looking for things that are not exactly how you want them to be.

A need for perfection is not a hard thing to understand. In our own way, we all want things to be “perfect”. Being a perfectionist is not necessarily an enjoyable state of being. It comes with a lot of personal expectations.

We Can’t Control Future – Stop Worrying About It

Planning for the future is one thing and worrying about it is a purely different aspect. The future is never embedded with you, but the present is. Many people are struggling with worries about their future as it helps in making decisions and preparing them for the future. The tough thing about the future is that it’s going to become the present, whether you want it or not. So plan for it but don’t waste your time and energy worrying about it.

Stop Caring About What Others Says

It makes no sense to think what others think about you as everyone has his own perspective and they evaluate every person and thing based on that perception. When you always value what others think, you are going to make them judge your life, your personality, and your desires which is absolutely unfair.

Define your own values, and your ethics and stick to them, not for others but to maintain the quality of your life and the integrity of your personality. If you worry about what others think, you are wasting a lot of time and energy as most people criticize others for things they don’t have or could not succeed to have them. They actually seek pleasure in doing this to others, so don’t become a target of this game. Just think over the above factors and don’t let these things disturb your inner peace from now!

Josie Pena
Josie Pena

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