cleansing crystals with selenite tower

How to Cleanse Crystals – 10 Methods for Charging Your Crystals

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Cleansing Crystals with Selenite Cleansing Crystals with Incense | Cleansing Crystals with Sage or Palo Santo

Why is Cleansing a Crystal Important? | How Often Should I Cleanse my Gemstones? | Why are Crystals Useful?

Crystals are an amazing tool for healing and energy work. They are also incredibly powerful tools for cleansing and purification. If you have a collection of crystals, it is not a bad idea to occasionally clean them, similarly to how you would deep clean your home from time to time. Are you wondering how to cleanse crystals?

Some crystals can be tricky to cleanse. The stones that are hard and less porous, could be purified with the methods of cleansing mentioned below. But softer stones, like selenite and tourmaline, would have to be purified and cleansed with moonlight or sunlight since they are considered delicate crystals.

In this article, we go over the 10 different steps you can take to increase the vibrational energy produced by your healing crystals.

cleansing crystals with sunlight
cleansing crystals with sunlight

What is Crystal Cleansing?

Using crystals to remove toxins from the body and absorb bad vibes can stifle the energy field produced by the crystal. Crystals are solid rock-type formations that contain specific minerals in geometric patterns. Over time, crystals have been found to have healing properties, and are known to accumulate stagnant energy over time. 

Crystals are often referred to as “living stones” because they contain energy. The energy that comes from crystals helps to balance the body and mind. Clearing any old energy is vital to starting a new intention or project, that is why it is important to also maintain a clean environment and tools (Crystals and so on).   

Below we will go over several cleansing methods that are sure to promote positive energy throughout your life and health.

cleansing crystals with sunlight, moonlight, radiant light
cleansing crystals with sunlight, moonlight, radiant light

How to Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing crystals is a crucial step in any crystalline practice or ritual. Ensuring that you are working with a clean slate that is receptive to your intentions and energy is an important process to set your practice. Making sure to remove any unwanted energy will produce better results when practicing your energy work. 

Cleansing crystals unlocks any stagnant energy and opens the source for more potential, enabling you to reap the results of your crystal work faster and effectively! There are several ways to cleanse your crystals such as by using the Full moon, running water, salt water, sound (like with a tuning fork or binaural beats), brown rice, natural white light, earth, selenite, and smoke from incense, or herb smudging.

cleansing crystals with moonlight cleansing
cleansing crystals with moonlight cleansing

How to Cleanse Crystals with a Full Moon

Full moons are a time of transformation, and crystals are an essential part of any full moon ceremony. Using moonlight is a great quick cleanse technique that will promote balanced energy in your stones. 

The Full Moon is a time when the light of the Sun and natural light from the moon combine, resulting in a powerful cleansing effect. Crystals are one of the most popular items to cleanse during a Full Moon. You don’t need to have a huge collection of herbs or a fancy tool to do it.

Moonlight not only helps gems soak up feminine loving energy, but allows any stagnant energy to escape. This cleansing practice is safe for all types of crystals.

Place your Crystals under the moonlight by your window sill and leave overnight to have your crystals absorb the full effect of the energy from the moon. Doing this every full moon will help your ritual work manifest without any resistance. To track the next full moon, use this app or this calendar.

cleansing crystals with running water
cleansing crystals with running water

How to Cleanse Crystals with Running Water

Just like running water is a way to cleanse your body of toxins, running crystals underwater not only physically cleanse crystals but also energetically. After a bath or shower, the body is invigorated by the energy that water provides and crystals will also take on that same energy.

To do this, simply grab a bucket or bowl of water where your crystals will fit and run under cold clean water for a minute or so (tap water is good to use). Add mild soap to also disinfect and remove any other soil or debris. The best soap for this cleansing practice would be one with minimal chemicals, such as this coconut soap (Highly recommended for body wash as well).

Not recommended for soft porous stones, like selenite.

cleansing crystals with real saltwater
cleansing crystals with real saltwater

How to Cleanse Crystals with Saltwater

Saltwater is frequently used to cleanse crystals and can be used for many different types of crystals. Salt is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. Keep in mind that contact with salt can be damaging to certain gemstones, such as turquoise, opal, and moldavite.

Making your own saltwater is easy, just add any desired amount of salt to a bucket filled with water and place your crystals in the bucket. Hold them so they are immersed in saltwater, and give the crystals 5 minutes to be purified of any residual energies and particulates residing on the stone.

practicing mindfulness and wellness with healing crystals with selenite
practicing mindfulness and wellness with healing crystals with selenite

How to Cleanse Crystals with Sound

Sound is an underestimated source of energy, sound literally changes physical material and affects it in exponential ways. Crystals can be treated with the energy of sound as well. Chanting with the power of your voice can be effective, as well as other instruments such as a singing bowl, or tuning fork. 

Placing your crystals on a flat surface and immersing everything under the energy of a sound bath, with acoustic vibrations is sure to push any negative residual energy out. This method of cleansing can be used with any crystal and can be accomplished in a short time frame.  

Many people are also turning to specific sound music to help manifest new moods and attitudes and experiences. Simply play a harmonious purifying binaural beat beside your altar where you keep your crystals. The crystals and you will be charged by the vibrations and energy the sound provides.

Cleansing Crystals with Brown Rice

Brown rice is an excellent method for cleansing crystals. Brown rice is good for drawing out the negative energies. In many cases, people who have dropped their phones in water would subsequently immerse them in a bowl of rice to draw out moisture and any murkiness from the liquid.

Brown rice, besides being an element of nature, has grounding qualities because of the density and absorbing power of the grains. Imagine sitting in a tub of rice grain, how interesting and grounding would that feel?

Drawing out negative energies in a safe and contained setting is advised. Brown rice will draw out any type of energy or spiritual essence, making it easy for you to cleanse your crystals after use without worrying about damaging them during the cleaning process.

Crystals will probably feel starchy after a brown rice bath but will be free and clear of negative and residual energies.

cleansing crystals with moonlight
cleansing crystals with natural light

Cleansing Crystals with Natural Light

Exposure to sunlight is another method of cleansing that intensifies the vibrational frequency of crystals. This technique will remove any impurities that may have accumulated on the crystals over time. It can also help prevent new impurities from building up.

When our bodies are exposed to radiant light, there is nourishment that is provided and converted into subtle energy for the body to use (vitamin D). The same can apply to crystals that have been charged by sunlight. Simply sunbathe your crystals for 5-10 minutes under a clear sky for maximum effect. 

It is important that you know which crystals to not expose to sunlight, as it can cause discoloration and some crystals could lose their “vibrancy.” It’s recommended that cleansing crystals under direct sunlight be done for no more than half an hour.

Cleansing with the Earth

Cleansing crystals with the earth can help to sync up with nature’s grounding energy and cleanse them of any negative energies.

In order to cleanse crystals for future use, it is important that the earth be treated with respect. This will help clear away negative vibes and impurities from your crystal as well as helping you connect on a deeper level with nature.

The first step of cleansing is burying them in soil or sand so they can absorb energy from the ground below. It’s also recommended to carry out this process outside during daylight hours.

Re-aligning crystals with the earth’s healing energy is a cleansing process that restores its original frequency as crystals originate from the earth itself.

cleansing crystals with selenite heart stone
cleansing crystals with selenite heart stone

Cleansing Crystals with Selenite

Selenite is one of the more powerful crystals that has been used for cleansing and detoxing since ancient times. Selenite is an intensely purifying crystal all on its own, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed often, and may even devoid itself of negative energies over time.

You should keep selenite away from water and salt to avoid any damage to your crystal. To cleanse your crystals with the purifying selenite crystals, it’s advised that you get a selenite charging plate that has lots of surface space. Another method is using a large selenite tower to place in the center of your crystal collection.

Cleansing Crystals with Incense

Smoke cleansing is one of the most well-known methods when it comes to purifying crystal energy. Incense sticks or dried herbs can be used for smoke cleansing, and you’ll need a lighter or torch to start this process.

Smoke is a gaseous treatment of crystals, it can engulf an entire object and surrounding area with its dense particulate coverage. To cleanse your crystals with incense, simply burn some an incense stick around the crystal and let it smoke out of the stone. It will remove any negative energy that may be lingering within its aura.

After the cleansing, it’s important that you cleanse them again with water before putting them away in their bag or container so they don’t collect unwanted vibes from the air and soil around them. Incense will cleanse crystals with yin and yang energy from the earth.

cleansing crystals with sage smudge stick
cleansing crystals with a sage smudge stick

Cleansing Crystals with Sage or Palo Santo

Smoke cleansing is one of the most well-known methods to purify crystal energy. Cleansing Crystals with sage is a good way to cleanse and balance your aura. You can use sage sticks, which are dried leaves of the herb, or you can make a bundle out of sage and put it over your head to clear the air.

Cleanse your crystal with sage by placing them on a flat surface, lighting your sage, and blowing it over the stone. You can gently massage circles around each stone with the sage stick. Make sure that after the cleansing ceremony you smother the sage leaves dry and wipe your crystals with a paper towel.

Why is cleansing a crystal important

Crystals have natural energy that can be used as an antenna to amplify intentions and thoughts. In order to prepare a crystal for use, it is important to cleanse it. Cleansing the stone can be done using water or by using another liquid such as salt or alcohol.

How often should I cleanse my gemstones?

Gemstones should be cleaned at least once per year. However, some gemstones may need to be cleansed more often than that depending on the type of stone and its history with use.

Why are crystals useful?

Crystals have been used over time as a type of alternative medicine where the body or heal from illness and to help in spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. It is also known as crystal healing, crystal therapy, and natural healing.

It’s a form of energy healing where crystals are placed on certain parts of the body, which emit a vibration that is believed to heal or help with ailments.

Crystals are useful because they can be used in healing, meditation, and even for warding off bad energy. They can also affect one’s mood and help to balance the body physically and emotionally.

This article provides 10 steps to help people cleanse crystals that need to be broken into their new home, or cleared of any old programming.

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