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Josie Pena

Josie practices using natural and wholesome materials in all aspects of her life. She loves to moisturize exclusively with Shea and Cocoa butter, drinks carbon-filtered water, uses only coconut-based soap, and occasionally eats a raw clove of garlic to boost her immune system like her mother did before her.

Chromatic Diet – Foods with Phytochemicals

Table of Contents The Chromatic Diet Chromatic Diet as a Lifestyle Food Abundance and Availability The Rise of Chronic Diseases Reduced Nutrient Absorption The Chromatic Diet Guide What is a Chromatic Diet? Choosing your Own Food Colors Incorporating More Fruits…

Twin Flames

Twin Flame Relationship Spiritual Growth Soul Mates and Romantic Relationships

A twin flame is the cosmic love of your life. It’s that one person you were destined to be with from the start and are always meant to be together, even if doesn’t happen forever. You will have many lifetimes…