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Josie Pena

Josie practices using natural and wholesome materials in all aspects of her life. She loves to moisturize exclusively with Shea and Cocoa butter, drinks carbon-filtered water, uses only coconut-based soap, and occasionally eats a raw clove of garlic to boost her immune system like her mother did before her.

Pedicure Tools – A Pedicure Guide

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This article contains affiliate links.  Pedicure Guide Intro What is a Pedicure and Manicure? What does it mean to have a Pedicure at a Spa? What do you need to get started with your Pedicure Routine? What are the Different…

Ear Piercings

ear piercings types of piercings ear lobes helix

Ear Piercings How do People get their Ears Pierced? How Long do Earlobe Piercings Take to Heal? How much do Ear Piercings Cost? How to Clean New Ear Piercings? How to Hide Ear Piercings? How Long Does it Take for…

Phytochemicals and a Chromatic Diet

What is a chromatic diet, and how does it affect your health. Facts about nutrition, phytochemicals and how to eat properly.

This article is the continuation of Chromatic Diets – Foods with Phytochemicals. This article contains affiliate links.  Table of Contents What are Phytochemicals? How much Phytochemicals can we get from a Chromatic Diet? Which foods are the best source of…

Why Dry Brushing is Good for the Skin

Dry brushing is a good practice to take up when you are trying to detox your body. Similar to how a massage can move the liquid in your body around, and help expel stagnant energy, qi, and liquids; dry brushing…